7 Ways to Make Your Plane Ride More Comfortable

Air travel is the fastest way to get from one destination to another, and it’s one of the most convenient modes of travel today. But plane rides can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially on longer flights. Everyone wants to feel comfortable during a plane ride, and there are some simple ways to make flying easier. Here are seven ways to make your next flight more comfortable.

How to Make Your Plane Ride More Comfortable

Flying is a convenient, fast way to travel, and modern airplanes provide many amenities that make flying more comfortable than ever before. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, alone or with companions, there are some simple things to make travel more comfortable. From staying healthy to securing your peace of mind, the following tips can help make your next flight extra comfy.

1. Dressed Down

One of the first and best ways to make a flight more comfortable is to dress in comfy clothing. Wear loose-fitting or stretchy clothes and dress in layers. Think leggings, full skirts, maxi dresses or roomy slacks on the bottom topped with a loose, comfortable shirt. You may also want to carry a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt for cooler airplane temps. Slip-on, closed-toe shoes get you through security faster, and pairing them with fresh, clean socks makes it easy and comfortable to kick off during a long flight.

2. Snuggle Up

Carry a lightweight blanket to snuggle up with on the plane ride. A cozy blanket can help you feel more at home during your flight and keep you warm if the airplane’s indoor climate gets chilly. Since a blanket isn’t considered part of your carry-on or personal belongings, you’re free to take along your regular items as well. Wrapping a soothing and familiar personal item around you while you’re in flight can make your plane ride more comfortable.

3. Neck Protection

Travel neck pillows can help protect your neck and spine during long plane rides. Whether traveling in an aisle seat, window seat or the center, a horseshoe-shaped neck pillow can help support your neck and make your plane ride more comfortable while you relax or sleep. Travel neck pillows work best with the seat tilted back, so wait until the plane reaches cruising altitude to recline your seat. Lean your seat back, tuck the pillow in place and watch a program, meditate or doze off in comfort.

4. Back Support

The concave shape of airline seats can strain the lower back and become extremely uncomfortable after a few hours. Ask a flight attendant for a complimentary pillow. Airline pillows are just the right size to fill the seat gap and support the small of the back while in flight. If a pillow isn’t available, ask for a blanket. Fold the blanket or roll it up and adjust it behind the lower back until it feels comfortable.

5. Sound Control

Planes can be noisy, and changes in air pressure can cause discomfort for adults and children. Earbuds, headphones or earplugs can drown out most noise and protect your ears from cabin pressure adjustments. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds help filter outside noises so you can concentrate on your favorite program or music without distraction.


Bring your own stuff. Healthy snacks you pack yourself are a better option than airline food, and food may not be available on your flight. Bring flight-friendly finger foods that pack neatly in baggies or containers. Since flying can be dehydrating, remember to bring an empty water bottle or thermos to fill at a water station in the terminal before boarding.

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